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Weddings at the Barn


Natural beauty and southern charm make The Barn at Legate the perfect venue for your special day! 


Although we consider The Barn an outdoor venue, we can easily accommodate for unexpected weather issues that may arise on the day of your wedding by moving the ceremony inside. Whether it is on the front steps of the barn, in a beautiful field, the side porch of the farm house, or next to the serene pond, your ceremony will have a beautiful backdrop for your special moment. 


The Barn at Legate offers many decorating opportunities that allow you to truly transform the space into what your heart desires. All of our wedding packages include tables and chairs that will accommodate up to 150 guests. We have several antique pieces available for use on your special day. In addition to the antique pieces, we have other items that can be rented for your day such as linens, centerpieces, decorative items, and even a classic truck. 


Our goal is to provide you with the perfect venue that will allow you to create the scene you have envisioned for your special day. Please contact us to schedule a tour today! 




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